to Ruben’s!

The finest in
Chocolate craftsmanship from Switzerland.

100% lactose-free chocolate.

Free from soy Lecithin
and Palm oil.

of taste and flavor.

Free from lactose.
Full of indulgence.

Tafel Rubens Schokolade Vollmilch in blauer Verpackung


Tafel Rubens Schokolade Vollmilch in blauer Verpackung

Ruben’s Chocolate provides you with the delight of Swiss Chocolate, but without the lactose. The only thing that is more satisfying than this promise is our chocolate itself. Our exquisite blend of creamy milk, Mexican vanilla and cocoa is left to infuse in the conche for a full and creamy texture – without any lactose in sight.

Tafel Rubens Schokolade Limette & Haselnuss in grüner Verpackung

Lime & Hazelnut

Tafel Rubens Schokolade Limette & Haselnuss in grüner Verpackung

Natural lime oil adds a light and fresh touch to Ruben’s lactose-free chocolate, making it the perfect pairing to the unique taste of our Piedmont hazelnuts. The combination of chocolate and fruit, is as irresistible as a crisp breeze across a lush Alpine meadow.

Tafel Rubens Schokolade Mandelkrokant in pfirsichfarbener Verpackung

Almond croquant

Tafel Rubens Schokolade Mandelkrokant in pfirsichfarbener Verpackung

This Ruben’s chocolate creation marries crunchy almond croquant with the uniquely soft and smooth texture of our creamy lactose-free chocolate. Once you’ve had a taste, there’s really only one question left to be answered: Do you prefer its indulgent creaminess, or its delicious crunch? Either way, it’s the perfect Swiss chocolate.

Traditional craftmanship. Lactose free.

Ruben’s is the first-ever lactose-free Swiss milk chocolate, because we believe that the work of a creative chocolatier extends far beyond just taste. That’s why we blend traditional craftsmanship with our passion for trying new things. This approach has allowed us to create a chocolate that is incomparably rich and creamy whilst removing any ingredients that don’t contribute to pure chocolate indulgence.

Swiss pioneering at its finest.

What is it that makes our chocolate so unique? Perhaps it’s that we don’t just simply extract the lactose from our Swiss Alpine milk, but rather break it down into components that are easier to tolerate. Ruben’s chocolate not only contains 39% cocoa but also the finest Swiss Alpine milk, meaning its creamy taste is fundamental to the texture. That is why we have focused all our pioneering spirit and devotion to chocolate on developing a special technique that allows us to break the milk sugar into its components, galactose and glucose. Despite sounding rather complicated, it’s actually quite simple: We don’t get rid of the natural sweetness of our milk – we only break it down it. That way, it is better tolerated by people with a lactose intolerance but is still as creamy as chocolate aficionados wish it to be.

Traditionally indulgent.

The process of manufacturing Ruben’s chocolate is based on what makes the art of Swiss chocolate so very unique. We use unparalleled perseverance and craftsmanship to create a creamy milk chocolate from only a few raw ingredients of the highest quality. In addition to Swiss Alpine milk, we also use Dominican cocoa along with Mexican vanilla, refined with hazelnuts from Piedmont and naturally flavoursome orange blossom honey. What do we leave out? Everything that true indulgence doesn’t need: palm oil, soy lecithin, artificial flavours and, of course, lactose. That is how we meet modern demands and redefine the art of Swiss chocolate along the way.

Less is more – when it comes to chocolate indulgence.

Traditionelle Schweizer Milchkanne
Tafel Rubens Schokolade Limette & Haselnuss in grüner Verpackung


Palm oil

Soy Lecithin

Artificial flavourings

Alpine milk

Orange blossom honey

Mexican vanilla

Hazelnuts from Piedmont